Cosmic bowling

Fridays & Saturdays from 17.00 the bowling alley is transformed into Cosmic Bowling.
Don't miss the chance to experience bowling like in a nightclub.

Cosmic Bowling

Bring your friends or colleagues to us at Bowlingkompaniet. On Friday and Saturday evenings we offer Cosmic Bowling.

The volume is raised, the light show starts and dance-moves along the track replace previously practiced more recognized bowling techniques.

Beautiful music in rhythm with a great light show in our bowling alley. The bowling alley becomes more festive and the feeling when you hit a strike in time with the music is hard to describe.

Cosmic bowling 350 kr /lane and hour

Always adds SEK 10 / person. (shoe rental)
Remember to arrive on time, A bowling hour is 55-60 minutes. When there are a lot of people, there is not always room to adjust booked times.
ATTENTION! Time not canceled is charged with 1/2 the cost.

For booking and information

Phone 0910-71 00 73

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