Bowling menu

We are currently unable to serve the bowling menu.

The Bowling menu includes 1.5 hours of bowling and 1.5 hours in our VIP room there the food is served. At least 8 people, everyone in the party must order the same menu. The price applies per person and 3 people per lane.

 The food is booked no later than three days in advance and canceled no later than 3 p.m. two days before.
Is anyone in the party allergic to food? Let us know and we'll try to arrange it!
All our menus are lactose free and we do not have nuts in them.

For booking and information

Phone 0910 - 71 00 73.  

The price includes light beer/mineral water, coffee. 
Sale of beer and wine only in connection with food in the VIP room. ATTENTION! It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol or food to our premises.

With reservation for changes.


Bowlingkompaniet i Skellefteå AB Gymnasievägen 14, 
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